Virtual Machine Set Up

What is a virtual machine?

A virtual machine is a program you can run on your computer that simulates a computer. They are used to run different operating systems without requiring multiple physical computers. Since most old computer games are incompatible with modern operating systems, the best way to play them is to create a virtual machine with an old OS.

Where to download a virtual machine

There are many choices for virtual machines out there. The one I use for the podcast is VM Workstation Player 14. I've also had sucess with Oracle VM VirtualBox.

How to set it up

Once you install your VM software of choice, you'll use it to create the virtual machine. You have to choose the hardware for your fake computer. These are the specifications I used for my Windows 98 Second Edition machine, but you'll want to find appropriate specs for whatever OS you choose:

127 GB harddrive
2 GB of RAM
64-bit CPU

I went with these specs because they are the maximum that Windows 98 can recognize. Next, you need to install the OS. To do so, you'll need an ISO image of the installation disc. An ISO is a file that contains all of the information from a CD-ROM. You can make an ISO if you have the physical install disc, or you can try to find one using Google. You will also need the 25-digit serial number for the OS (it was originally on a sticker on the install CD's case). When you start up your virtual machine, you will be asked where the OS install ISO is located. The installation will begin and you'll be asked for the serial number. Let it do its thing, following any prompts, until you are able to boot up onto your Windows 98 desktop.

How to install games

You will need to make or find an ISO for each game you want to play. Depending on which virtual machine software you chose, there will be an option to load ISO into your VM's "disc drive" somewhere (in Workstation Player, this option is located in "Player/Removable Devices"). Point it to the ISO for the game and then run the installation for it.

That's it. Happy playing!

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